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Education: Associates Degree from Oakland Community College, 1986. Bachelors Degree in Finance and Marketing from, University of Michigan Dearborn, 1989.

I’m a devoted husband and father of 3 children. I am an active caretaker of my elderly parents, who also live in Dearborn Heights. I’m a graduate of the U of M-Dearborn in Finance and Marketing. I’ve spent my entire career in the Dearborn Heights area, proudly earning the title of top producing realtor for 31 years. I know the issues that residents face. It is vibrant neighborhoods and bustling economies that attract people to our city. I take my robust experience as a resident and as a realtor into consideration when making decisions that impact our neighbors. In addition to serving on council for 4 years, I serve on state boards, volunteer with many civic organizations also lending to my broader perspective making me uniquely qualified.

The top priority issues for me are to continue and expand the economic development that has commenced in Dearborn Heights, which includes the Van Born Corridor and development in North Dearborn Heights. My professional experience has taught me that most often the improvement and attraction of economic development into our city, attracts jobs, increases property values and benefits our residents overall. My other top priority is to continue to maintain water rates and taxes, not burdening on our residents with increased fees, and without compromising funding for police and fire services.

City Council is the legislative body of our local government. In addition to checks and balances, it is the duty of the council to hold our administration and other government entities accountable, always acting in and serving in the best interests of all of Dearborn Heights’ residents. The city council creates laws, rules and ordinances, designed to improve city efficiencies ensuring that we are improving the quality of life for all of our residents.

Natural disasters are out of our control but government has an obligation to step up when they occur. Federal aid is often needed for these efforts. Our council immediately got to work with Congresswomen Tlaib and Dingell, and the Army Corp of Engineers to discuss the installation of a basin, to prevent floods. Unfortunately, the cost would exceed our entire city budget by 5 times. We are still working on creative solutions and researching grant opportunities while solving for this problem. The state and federal authorities take lead on this but as a council we are an active partner in the process. We continue to hear from residents and take into account their concerns while assisting homeowners the recovery of damages, when possible.

Elected officials are public servants, we work for the people. Openness, integrity, and accountability are obligatory functions of government. I am a strong advocate of making information accessible to everyone. Information should be accessible through FOIA and/or the city website, providing minimal barriers to access for our residents. Providing our residents with information that is readily available ensures accountability for all branches of government.

I approach shared government services like I do any other proposed idea, with an open mind. I have one goal when making a decision or casting a vote: will this serve the best interest of the residents of Dearborn Heights? I have always been open to looking into shared government services. I would approach each service independently, and if we could maintain or improve our quality of service to our residents while cutting costs, then I am fully supportive.